March 22, 2017
Albany, NY

$41.2 Million in Devastating Cuts to Hospitals in Congressman Zeldin's District if Ryan/Collins/Faso Health Care Repeal is Passed

TOP $41.2 Million in Devastating Cuts to Hospitals...

New Department of Health Analysis Shows That Repeal of Affordable Care Act Would Result in $41.2 Million in Cuts to Seven Hospitals in 1st Congressional District


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that an analysis by the New York State Department of Health shows that seven hospitals in the 1st Congressional District would lose $41.2 million in funding if the Ryan/Collins/Faso health care repeal is passed, crippling their ability to provide critical health care services for local residents and jeopardizing hundreds of jobs across the district.
The massive cuts in funding to hospitals in Congressman Zeldin's District underscore the devastating impact the combination of the Collins/Faso Amendment and Paul Ryan's health care replacement plan will have on New Yorkers across the state. The following hospitals in the 1st District would be severely impacted with enormous cuts in their funding:

  • Stony Brook University Hospital – $27,123,469
  • Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center – $5,827,691
  • Eastern Long Island Hospital – $673,801
  • John T. Mather Memorial Hospital – $2,542,069
  • Peconic Bay Medical Center – $1,993,305
  • Southampton Hospital – $1,021,658
  • St. Charles Hospital – $1,970,589
  • District Total – $41,152,582

"The radical conservative ideology in Washington has declared war on New York with legislation that will devastate hospitals across the state and hurt New Yorkers," Governor Cuomo said. "These massive cuts will cripple our hospitals and ravage the health care services on which New Yorkers rely, with $41.2 million in cuts to hospitals in the 1st District alone. I urge members of the community to call their member of Congress and demand that they vote 'no' on this unconscionable piece of legislation."

Congressmen Chris Collins and John Faso have introduced an amendment to the American Health Care Act that would ban federal reimbursement for state Medicaid funds for local governments outside of New York City, cutting Medicaid for these local governments by $2.3 billion. When added to the $4.6 billion cost of the ACHA over the next four years, the total cost to the State would rise to $6.9 billion. Across New York, 2.7 million New Yorkers would face substantial loss in their current health care coverage, while enormous cuts in funding will threaten the quality and availability of care that New Yorkers need and deserve.

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