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Governor Cuomo Releases Media and Industry Recommendations of the Best "Taste NY" Wines, Beers, Spirits and Foods for Thanksgiving

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Albany, NY (November 27, 2013)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's “Taste NY” program today released Thanksgiving recommendations for New York State wines, beers, spirits and foods from representatives of media and industry. The publication, titled: “Media and Industry Recommendations for the Holidays of New York’s Wine, Beer and Spirits” is designed to encourage New Yorkers to try new varieties of “Taste NY” beverages and foods this holiday season.


“This Thanksgiving, we are encouraging New Yorkers and people from all around the world to include a taste of New York in their holiday celebrations,” Governor Cuomo said. “This publication, created with the recommendations of media and industry leaders, is designed to make it easier for New Yorkers and others to find and select high quality and delicious New York-made food and beverage products for their Thanksgiving feasts. This holiday season, Taste NY products will also make great gifts for family and friends. Featuring the best New York wines and beers, and even recipes, this guide is chockfull of great ideas for the holidays.”


Dozens of food and drink reporters were canvassed for this publication and asked questions such as: “What three New York wines would you recommend for a Thanksgiving dinner?” Joseph Hernandez, Assistant Editor of Wine Enthusiast says that “Brooklyn’s Red Hook Winery’s Rebirth from the Sea 2009 Bordeaux blend is a great red for guests who like supple fruit and spice” while Cara McIlwaine, Associate Editor of Beverage Media Group recommends “whites from Channing Daughters Winery - great wines for hors d’oeuvres or cocktail time before the feast.”


The publication also asks the question: “What dish, using local products, would make the Thanksgiving dinner even more special?” Jennifer Conrad, Correspondent for Vogue, recommends “winter squash: a mixture of the different kinds available at any farmers’ market looks great on the table. Cut in half and scoop out the seeds. Drizzle with olive oil and add one clove of garlic to the center of each squash half. Broil or grill face-up until tender.” Stan Sagner, Restaurant Critic for the NY Daily News recommends “organic NY State Apples and Pears - Cooked down with cider, butter, brown sugar and fresh rosemary makes the best sauce imaginable with Smoked Ham.”


The publication also features recommendations from industry leaders in New York’s farm-based beverage industry, including Jim Tresize, President of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation, and Paul Leone, Executive Director of New York State Brewers Association. Trezise recommends a variety of New York State wines for the season, including wines that pair well will with various parts of a classic Thanksgiving meal, while Leone makes recommendations on certain varieties of Pumpkin Ales, Witbiers, Farmhouse Ales, Porters and IPAs.


Acting State Agriculture Commissioner James B. Bays said, “As the holidays rapidly approach, Governor Cuomo’s release of this publication couldn’t come at a better time. The recommendations put forth by these media and industry leaders are thoughtful and will provide consumers with excellent choices of ‘Taste NY’ foods and beverages this holiday season.”


Governor Cuomo’s “Taste NY” initiative focuses on branding and expanding New York's food and beverage industry by making the wide variety of foods and beverages made and grown in the state readily available and recognizable to New Yorkers as well as to the hospitality industry and public nationwide. Part of Governor Cuomo’s efforts to promote agribusiness across the state, “Taste NY” is being marketed through a range of promotional efforts including “Taste NY” tents at important events, “Taste NY” stores in transportation hubs and a dedicated website,


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