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Mandate Relief Council

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The Mandate Relief Council is an eleven-member Executive and Legislative council charged with reviewing and advancing proposals to reduce the statutory and regulatory burden on local governments, school districts, and businesses.


To accomplish its charge, the Council is to review specific mandates identified by members of the Council, local governments, school districts, or businesses. After considering public comment on each mandate, the Council determines whether it is being imposed in an “unsound, unduly burdensome or costly manner so as to necessitate that it be eliminated or reformed.”


If the Council makes such a determination, it may:

  • refer a local government or school district to the appropriate state agency to petition for regulatory flexibility;
  • upon a two-thirds vote, refer a regulation on a local government or school district to be repealed or modified; or
  • upon a vote of seven members, refer a statute to be repealed or modified.


In addition, local governments and school districts may appeal to the Council to review a state agency determination on the local government’s or school district’s petition for regulatory flexibility. The Council may affirm, reject, or modify the agency’s determination.