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Anti-Hunger Task Force

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NYS Anti-Hunger Task Force
“The New York State Anti-Hunger Task Force will be a key resource and tool in our ongoing efforts to eliminate hunger in New York..”
- Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Nearly 14% of New York households struggle with hunger
At least 1 million New York children live in households that do not have regular and consistent access to food
Nearly 1 in 4 New Yorkers who are eligible for food stamps do not receive them

The Anti-Hunger Task Force will develop strategies to:

  • Maximize resources to fight hunger in New York State by increasing participation in federally funded programs like SNAP, school breakfast and school lunch;
  • Use public/private partnerships to increase outreach and leverage the power of government, businesses and the non-profit sectors working together; and
  • Improve access to quality, healthy food through the use of New York farm products and locally produced goods to combat hunger while creating jobs and supporting economic development.

January 16, 2014 Meeting Materials