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The Governor's Special Advisor on Vulnerable Persons

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I am honored to have been asked to assist Governor Cuomo in strengthening the state’s systems of protection and safety for vulnerable New Yorkers in residential care settings. The Governor’s attention and commitment to this responsibility of the State offers an opportunity for all New Yorkers to collaborate in shaping an enduring and effective system of safeguards. The Governor defined this role broadly to evaluate and provide recommendations concerning State programs related to developmental disabilities, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, children and the elderly. A component of my duties will include evaluating the protection, safety, and quality of care of vulnerable persons, the conditions of related State operated and licensed facilities, and the fiscal performance of related programs. I will also coordinate with the Governor's Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE) to evaluate and provide recommendations concerning the management, design and structure of state agencies operating or overseeing programs or facilities for vulnerable persons.


Thank you.


Clarence J. Sundram
Special Advisor to the Governor on Vulnerable Persons